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The Pentacle, a 5-point star within a circle, usually is placed in the centre of the altar. The pentacle is one of the most
The Pentacle represents the Element of Earth and is the fourth major sacred tool.
The Pentacle is the symbol of Witchcraft and is over 8,000 years old. It is the most powerful and popular symbol used by Wicca’s and pagans. Its message is that we have the ability to bring Spirit down to Earth. What exactly does that mean? To me it means that we can channel Divine energy into our bodies and use it to our purposes.

Nearly all cultures had a 5 fold spiritual or religious symbol. Around 500 BCE, Pythagoras set up a mystery school to teach divine knowledge. Unfortunately the school was brutally repressed and his followers and their knowledge were forced underground. Because Pythagoras considered the five-pointed star to be a symbol of life and of the divine human, it became the secret sign of the Pythagorean followers.

From the Pythagorean schools descended the Gnostic and Hermetic Mystery Schools, Masonic Guilds, alchemists, scientists, philosophers and magicians, all of whom kept the five-fold symbol and its positive attributes of hidden knowledge.
Because the star of life symbolized divine illumination, it became a sign of heretical thought because it threatened the power of the Christian Church. The Pentagram was transformed into something evil, and even became a symbol of the Christian Satan’s followers.

Today, for us the Pentacle contains many layers of symbolism. The Five points represent the four directions with the fifth uppermost point representing Spirit. The Circle around the pentagram represents, unity, the wheel of the year and wholeness. The Circle, a single unbroken line, is used to create magickal space in Ritual.

A Pentacle Disc is placed in the center of the Altar and is used during ritual to consecrate objects by laying them upon it. Any tool, herb, amulet, jewelry or crystal will have increased metaphysical energy after being placed on a Pentacle for a time.

The Pentacle, a 5-point star within a circle, usually is placed in the centre of the altar. The pentacle is one of the most important altar tools, offering protection and power in magickal work.
The pentacle is one of the most commonly used magical tools in the Wiccan religion, as well as in some traditions of Paganism. Typically, it is used on the altar as a place to hold items that are about to be ritually consecrated or charged. In some traditions, the pent represents the element of Earth.

There are many absolutely beautiful pentacles available commercially, made of wood, tile, metal, ceramic, and just about every other type of material. If you’re operating on a budget, however, or if you just like the idea of handcrafting your own magical tools, it’s not hard to make a pentacle of your own.

Your first task is going to be a simple one – find a pentacle image that you like. I chose one with circles designed into the standard star design, but you can select whatever one speaks to you the loudest. First, print out the image of the pentacle, in black and white. Use a copy machine with resizing capabilities if you need to either enlarge or shrink the image, depending on the size of your wooden disc. Once you have it the size you want, place it on top of the wooden disc.

Using a pencil, trace over the outline of the pattern, pressing down so that you make an indentation in the wood. Once the design is indented, use the pencil to go back over the indents, making a complete penciled pattern on the wood.

If you’re painting, use your paints to go over the pencil lines. If you’re using a woodburning pen, carefully trace over the lines — depending on how experienced you are with woodburning, it may take a couple of hours.

When you’re done, brush a few coats of polyeurethane over the design to give it some shine and to protect it from wear. If you like, use a small drill bit to make a hole in the center for incense sticks. Finally, if you’re concerned that your pent might scratch your altar top, cut out a circle of felt the same size as the wooden disc, and glue it to the bottom of the wood.

Use your pentacle on your altar to consecrate ritual items, to bless or charge talismans, or to represent the element of Earth. Alternately, you could attach a hook to the back and hang it on your wall.
The pentacle is a round object bearing the five-pointed star, the primary sacred symbol of Wicca. It may also be called the disk, coin, paten, or platter. It represents Earth, and the life-giving properties of that element. In the Gardnerian material, the role of the pentacle is in summoning spirits, consecrating tools, and blessing offerings of food.

Perhaps mindful of Britain’s anti-witchcraft laws, Gardner suggests making a pentacle that can be easily concealed or destroyed if the Witch is discovered. He recommends a pentacle of wax, or else a platter with the magickal symbols painted temporarily in ink. These days, of course, Wiccans may keep a more permanent altar pentacle. Wood, metal, and clay are appropriate materials for the pentacle or Earth disk.
The main function of the pentacle is to shield and protect but it also directs and grounds all the energies that are invited into Circle. This famous symbol of Witchcraft is taken from Ceremonial Magick. In older times the pentacle was crafted from disposable materials such as clay or dough. To be caught in possession of a pentacle in those days could very well endanger your life. Now pentacles are crafted in metals such as copper, brass, silver or gold.

Astronomers discovered that the pentacle is actually the geometric design depicting how the planet Venus moves in the heavens and it is from this design that they believe the peoples of the Euphrates-Tigris region drew the first pentagram eight thousand years ago. It is because the pentacle is reflective of Venus’s pattern in the sky from our point of view that is sometimes referred to as the Morning Star and the Evening Star.

There are two types of pentacles: the working pentacle and the ritual pentacle:
The working pentacle is a circular piece of wood or paper that is while on one side and black on the other. We use it to give magickal energies the form and shape necessary to manifest in the physical world and become reality.
The ritual pentacle is a flat disc with a pentagram at its center and possibly other symbols inscribed on it. It is often the centerpiece of the altar and is a widely used ritual tool. It is a manifestation device, drawing in and sending out the intentions of any spell or magickal working. It has many other uses as well: consecration of items, such as the water and salt during Circle purification, holding cakes and ale for blessing, for protection, to evoke entities as well as drawing material gain.
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