Luck is simply the knack for being in the right place at the right time, saying the right things, and acting on instinct. If a person is not naturally “lucky” such an ability can be acquired through the use of herbs. How this “luck” will manifest is left unstated, but[…]

Magickal Intentions – Luck

Although magically forcing your loved one to remain faithful is violating one of the precepts of magic (harm none), there are herbs which can be used to gently remind him or her of you, and to guard against unwanted temptations. Use them with love and care.

Magickal Intentions – Fidelity

Many of the requests for information I receive concern ways of breaking hexes and lifting curses. Ninety-nine percent of these people are not now, and never will be, the target of curses or hexes. Contrary to popular belief, evil magicians don’t lurk behind each tree ready to hex everyone out[…]

Magickal Intentions – Hex Breaking

As with most types of magic, prevention is better than cure, so if you’re prone to bad health it might be wise to carry some of these herbs at all times. Replace them regularly (every three months or so).

Magickal Intentions – Health

There are many herbs which aid the body’s healing processes. Some of these are multi-purpose and others specific. All can be mixed into sachets which, when carried, help the body’s healing powers. Some are used in incense form, others added to the bath. However, when a serious condition or severe[…]

Magickal Intention – Healing

This ancient form of magic comes in handy today—not necessarily to drive demons from people or buildings, but to clear away the negativity that daily living so amply provides. Purification herbs are simply less-powerful exorcism herbs and usually do not rid a place of evil entities.

Magickal Intention – Exorcism

Love; the endless quest for companionship, warmth, sexual contact, emotional fulfillment, and someone to talk to over coffee in the morning. Love magic should be of one type—to attract an unspecified person into your life. Thus, simply stated, love herbs will place you in situations where you will meet people,[…]

Magickal Intentions – Love

From the overwhelming number of herbs used for this purpose it is obvious that protection is (and has been) of the utmost concern for many people. Most of the protective herbs mentioned in this book are general in their effects; they guard their bearer against physical and psychic attacks; injury,[…]

Magickal Intentions – Protection

These spells are designed to be used when no other is available or desired. As with any part of magic they can be altered to suit your tastes and imagination. Most of them should be done outside, but with a little thought they can be performed inside as well. Though[…]

Four All-Purpose Spells

Incense composition and use is an art form in itself. Basically, an incense is any combination of plant materials, perhaps combined with essential oils and a base, which are mixed together and burned or smouldered on charcoal. (This type of incense is known as “raw” or “granular.” It is usually[…]

Herbal Incense