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bloodstone A semiprecious stone with magical or
healing properties. Perhaps the best known is green jasper
with red flecks, used in rituals and charms by sorcerers
and witches. It is considered an enabling stone,
bringing about the wishes of the user. It protects health,
drives away night demons (see lamia), guards against
deception and pacifies. It is also used in the divination
of natural disasters, such as storms, earthquakes and
floods. Powdered, it has been used in medicines throughout
history, particularly by women as an aid to pregnancy
and lactation.
Bloodstone also refers to red coral, red marble, red
jasper, carnelian, red agate and heliotrope. The ancient
Egyptians associated red jasper with the blood of Isis.
Ancient Greek believed bloodstones fell from heaven and
could stop internal and external bleeding.
In Europe, especially in the Mediterranean area,
bloodstones have long been regarded as protection against
the evil eye