PaganGreen Pagan Witches

The use of the Bible for divination. The
Bible served as an important instrument of magical divination,
particularly during medieval and Reformation
times in Britain and parts of Europe. It was believed that
the Bible, opened at random, would reveal one’s fortunes
or answer questions. Bibles laid on a child’s head would
induce sleep. Reading from the Bible to a pregnant woman
would give her a safe delivery. Persons accused of witchcraft
and sorcery were weighed against the great Bible
in the local church. If the accused weighed less than the
Bible, she or he was innocent. A method of Bibliomancy
to determine guilt in a crime was the “key and book”
method, still used in some rural parts of Britain as late as
the 19th century. In that procedure, a key was placed randomly
within the pages of the Bible. The names of the
suspects were written on small pieces of paper and
inserted up the hollow end of the key. When the paper
bearing the name of the guilty party was inserted, the
Bible would fall out of the grasp of the person holding it.